Creating that AH-HA Moment: Giving Back to Engineering Through Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Jennet Toyjanova

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is always an event I look forward to at Ximedica. For three years, I have been creating engaging and rewarding Girl Day experiences for our girls. Our team consists of 7-10 female engineers devoted to introducing the girls to the exciting world of engineering through fun activities, ranging from interactive workshops on software engineering to guided tours of our facility to demonstrations of healthcare delivery systems. We are passionate about this initiative and payoffs are great. Sometimes we receive simple thank you cards. Other times it’s the satisfaction of learning that our efforts have helped inspire a girl to pursue a rewarding career in engineering.

Ximedica invests in our team to create amazing content for our Girl Day programming. We specifically target girls from underserved areas, many of whom have not had science role models. Our girls realize that engineering is an empowering career. One of the biggest successes of our Girl Day events is introducing young women to that one person or experience that makes them realize they can pursue a career in engineering. As a team at Ximedica, we give them the drive and confidence they need to explore further.

I encourage more female engineers to get involved as Girl Day Role Models to inspire a new generation of girls to enter this amazing field. My participating in Girl Day is a great way to give back to an industry that has given me so much. As engineers, we all had that AH-HA moment in this field. I have this moment every day at a job that I truly enjoy. Now, you can be that AH-HA moment for a young girl by getting involved in Girl Day.

Not sure where to start? DiscoverE has great resources with tips and ideas for engaging girls and connecting with your local community. Check out these free guides to jumpstart your planning.

Jennet Toyjanova is a R&D Engineer at Ximedica. Jennet earned her BS in Civil Engineering from Lamar University and holds a PhD in Mechanics of Solids from Brown University.


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For three years, I have been creating engaging and rewarding Girl Day experiences...
February 7th, 2018